Lovelace Consulting Services, Inc. (LCSI) helps leaders, organizations, systems, and government agencies create inclusive policies and environments.

LCSI has assisted the following organizations:

Here's how we help drive real change for your organization and leaders.

System leaders and policy makers

We help businesses, organizations, government entities, and their leaders review and reshape their policies and practices to reach their diversity, equity, inclusion and intersectional, and violence-free potential.

Community leaders and organizations

We help organizations understand how taking an intersectional approach can improve outreach and outcomes for communities who are marginalized.

Leaders on the margins

We provide leadership and executive coaching to people on the margins and to those who seek to be allies to communities who are marginalized.


What People Are Saying

Our high-level consulting, technical assistance, and training services can help you achieve social, political, and professional transformation:

By Raising Awareness

around the national and global struggle to end structural racism, all forms of discrimination, violence, and anti-Blackness.


individuals and organizations in their personal and professional growth.


individual and group education, reflection, and growth.


community-based and local nonprofits, associations, and organizations in improving their outreach to those on the margins of the margins.

By Strategizing

within nonprofit organizations, government systems and corporations, that will provide a healthier, safer, and more inclusive future for all.

By focusing on those on the margins first, instead of as an afterthought, we can provide more impactful support and drive meaningful societal change. Raising awareness on practical ways to do this and the potential benefits is the first step.

Let us help you create meaningful change in yourself and your organization

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