LCSI brings national and global expertise in racial equity, diversity and inclusion, intersectionality, organizational development, strategic planning and evaluation, and gender-based violence prevention to help transform companies, governments, and organizations.

Vision + Mission


We envision a diverse, equitable, inclusive, intersectional, violence-free world where people, organizations and systems are held in full value and dignity.


We provide high-level consulting, technical assistance, and training to people, organizations, and systems seeking social, political, and professional transformation through racial equity, diversity and inclusion, intersectionality, and ending gender-based violence.

Tonya Lovelace

Our Founder

Tonya is a global intersectional leader with 35-years of experience as a community organizer and movement maker. She is the President & CEO of Lovelace Consulting Services, Inc. (LCSI), an independent consulting firm that provides high-level consulting, needs assessment, facilitation, coaching, technical assistance, and training to individuals, organizations, and systems seeking social, political, and professional transformation.

LCSI is dedicated to creating inclusive policies and environments, providing vital support to those frequently overlooked. Current and recent clients include Global Men Engage, Safe Sisters Circle, North American Men Engage Network (NAMEN), Black Women’s Blueprint, and Teaneck Film Festival.

Career Highlights

  • Served 18 years as Founding CEO of WOCN, Inc. – Started as a project under the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) with a $150,000 budget as the single staff member. I successfully spun it off as an independent nonprofit organization with an approx. $1.5 million annual budget and multiple staff and consultants across the country, raising over $25 mill overall.
  • Served as an advisor for the NFL, Uber, and the State of NY, Governor’s Office.
  • In 2017, named in Cohort 4 of Move to End Violence, a prestigious leadership project for movement makers ending gender violence, sponsored by the Novo Foundation.
  • Featured in several media interviews with MSNBC, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, the Feminist Wire, and USA Today.
  • Chapter contributor, “Sunset: Seeking True Accountability After All of These Years” in the 2019 anthology Love with Accountability: Digging up the Roots of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Chapter Contributor, “The Breath of Black Folk” in the 2021 anthology 2020: The Year that Changed America.

How We Help

We help leaders, organizations, systems, and government agencies create inclusive policies and environments, providing vital support to those who are frequently overlooked.

Together, we can drive real change by understanding that systems of power like racism, sexism, poverty, homophobia, transphobia, gender-based violence work together to create a global cage of oppression and violence.

LCSI works to dismantle the cage.

Our Approach


Transformational Leadership

Tapping into the organization’s and each employee’s higher values, skills, needs, and desires, and helping them access this more fully for themselves and those they work with.


Social Justice Leadership

Learning more of the morals and ethics held by the organization and each employee, and amplifying those values based on identity inclusion, and helping to pivot those morals and ethics based on identity exclusion.


Strengths-Based Leadership

Identifying the strengths of the organization and each employee and their milieu, and helping them maximize these strengths, including the strengths in areas needing improvement as solid footing for change.


Intersectional Leadership

Reviewing the individuals and communities that the organization and each employee is reaching and serving, and assisting in identifying and employing ways to better reach and serve those on the margins of the margins of the intersections of identity.


Aspiring Ally Leadership

Helping the organization and each employee consider the benefits of being an aspiring ally to marginalized communities they are not a part of and to enhance their knowledge of how to be an ally to these communities interpersonally, among those who hold privilege, and in spaces where their leadership can make a difference for these communities.


Democratic Leadership

Supporting the executive team in examining the ways they may be autocratic in their leadership, identifying the impacts upon themselves and those they work with, and moving toward leadership with more balanced energies, accountabilities, and responsibilities.

"I posit that breath is political. Black people are fighting for their very right to breathe. Those with the privilege of respiration without trepidation do not understand the daily struggle to simply breathe."

Let us help you create meaningful change in yourself and your organization

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